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We are rapidly approaching our Annual Inspection. This year the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother James F. Easterling, Jr. has been attending all the inspections within our district and with warm weather, we are all expecting a full turnout. Your help and attendance would be greatly appreciated. Please accept this open invitation to attend on Friday, May 31st, 2013. We would like to have a picture of a full lodge room and we would like to have you in it. If you are interested in helping, please contact the lodge.

Terry L. Regenos,
Worshipful Master.

Feb 2013


Greetings!  We have started the year off to an amazing start.  We have several candidates that are progressing through their work with us and our degree work continues to improve. 

We have also had an amazing night with the Wild Game Dinner.  The brethren and friends all in attendance had a great time.  I would like to sent a special thanks to Worshipful Brother Grove and Brother Brian Nauert for both the donation of the meat and for their time in preparing a meal that was enjoyed by all. As this is or third year we are starting to get it back to the level at which it once was.

I want to finish by personally inviting you and your lady to attend a special evening of dinner and dance at Victory Lodge on Friday, February 8th.  Dinner will start at 6:00pm with music and dancing to follow.


Terry L. Regenos,

Worshipful Master.


Nov 2012 

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Greetings Brethren,

I would like to thank all the brethren for their vote of confidence in electing me as Worshipful Master and the Past Masters for stepping up to help Victory Lodge this Masonic Year.  Right Worshipful Brother Jim Simpson has agreed to be Senior Warden and Right Worshipful Brother George Tilden has agreed to be Junior Warden.

Brethren, like most Masonic Lodges of today, we are experiencing a shortage of members showing up for meetings or taking part in degree work. We need your help in this matter. Please consider coming to lodge meetings to support your line officers, greet old friends, and meet new members.  If you have an issue with transportation to the stated meetings, please contact our lodge Secretary, Worshipful Brother Joshua Grove at 330-701-2193.  We will make arrangements to get you to lodge and home in a safe and timely manner.

We have initiated three new Entered Apprentices this month, Jeffery L. Solosky, Stephen L. Modory and Michael P. Daley.  We also have several other Brethren at various stages of their Masonic journeys.  Please keep an eye out for upcoming degree work dates.


We will be continuing our Pancake Breakfast the first Saturday each month. This is a wonderful time to bring your family out and enjoy some fellowship.  We have brethren of all ages who attend with their families.  It is a good opportunity for our wives and children to come out and enjoy some fellowship as well.  Plus at $5.00 per adult and $3.00 per child; it is hard to beat the price.  Remember that all proceeds from the Pancake Breakfast go to Ohio Special Olympics.

There are several events that I wanted to pass along to you.  Please note these and make an effort to attend.  We are hoping to have a great turnout this year.  We will have a potluck supper and Christmas Party December 15 at 6:00 P.M.  The lodge will provide the meat and refreshments.  I also have it on good authority that Santa will be there.

We are also planning to hold the Annual Wild Game Dinner on January 19th, 2013 at 6:00pm.  The cost this year is $5 per person, and we will serve food until we run out.  The entertainment with the Wild Game Dinner is still being ironed out.  This is a great opportunity to bring a friend to the lodge and show them the kind of fun and fellowship we can have.  The New Wild Game Dinner is in its third year and we have doubled our attendance to over 50 last year.  We are hoping to continue to make it grow, which we can do with your help.

Our final event that we are working is a Valentine’s Day  potluck dinner on February 9th, 2013, at 6:00 P.M.  There will also be a DJ present for dancing and fun.  Brothers this is a great idea to take your Lady our for a night of food, fun and dancing.  Please advise us on what type of music you would like to have played, so that we can have our DJ prepared.

Brethren, this bulletin has a lot of information for you take in.  You will find the installation dates for the 21st Masonic District as well as the inspection schedule.  Please note that the inspection date for Victory Lodge is late in the year, May 31st.  Also be aware that James F. Easterling, Jr., Grand Master of Masons in Ohio, will be attending all inspections in the 21st Masonic District.  We have also included information about several other important dates for Masons in the 21st District as well as the state of Ohio.  So, please make note of all of them.

Fraternally yours,

Terry L. Regenos

Worshipful Master


Author: Brian Nauert

Senior Deacon of Victory Lodge #649

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