From The Worshipful Master



Greetings Brethren,

April and May will be a couple of busy months as we have several degrees to work on. We are lucky to have some new members this year and so we will be doing our best to confirm their degrees in a timely matter.

We will have a Fellowcraft degree practice on Sunday, April 15th at 2:00 pm. Please check the Google calendar on the Victory website often as we will be adding several work nights for practice and degrees throughout April and May. I’d like to get as far as we can with our new brothers and candidates before we go dark for the summer. I’ll also be adding other events throughout the year, as well. Again, if you have an idea for a fun event this year, please let me know.

In addition, if you would be interested in completing the Code Course or Officers Course (they are not hard and we usually meet and do it as a group on the website), please contact our LEO, Tracy Pratt and we can schedule a group or 2 (usually on a Saturday Breakfast Day). We are going for the Grand Masters Award this year and this is something that really helps us out in achieving the award.

Also, I hope to see all of you at the Annual Wild Game Dinner on April 28th. This is probably our most popular event so if you can attend (or even help out), it will be a great night for all of us.

Finally, as a reminder, please check out the Victory Lodge website and calendar of events by going to Hope to see you at the Wild Game Dinner!

Brian D. Varner
Worshipful Master